All Teddykompaniet soft toys are tested to comply with current Swedish and European safety regulations CE and EN71. All products are:

Child safe - plastic button eyes and noses. All other details are pull proof and the  hems are tested.

Flame and Fire resistant - The products can not catch fire and are flame resistant.

Toxic free - All colours used for the fabric are toxic free and any plastic details are made from non-toxic material.

All products are machine washable 40 degrees, except musical toys that are surface wash only.

Flame Resistance

A not very pleasant test for a Teddy - sitting this close to fire. The good news is that all Teddykompaniet teddies pass the test with honours.


Astronauts in training are put in a giant centrifuge to learn how to handle G forces. They also have to swim in a large pool. The Teddykompaniet teddies have to go through a combination of those excersices to make sure they can be washed at 40 degrees.



All Teddykompaniet teddies carry a fabric tag showing they have passed the CE and EN71 tests and care instructions. This is just one of the things that make them so special!


Oskar & Ellen Safety

All Oskar & Ellen products, where applicable, adhere to all European standards for toy safety including EN71-8:2011 and therefore carry the CE mark.

For product testing we use Intertek, which is a globally recognised industry leader in this field. We feel that it is important to stress that although our products are made in fabric it doesn’t mean that they are suitable for babies. In fact our products are much loved by children of many ages. Some of our interactive books and play bags including the Nursery Rhymes Song Bag are recommended from 18 months and the majority of the pretend play and activity play bags are suitable from the age of 3 years. The age around 3-5 is the age where the child is ready for role-play and imaginative play and this is also the age when we believe the child will enjoy our toys the most!

If you would like to know the age recommendation for a specific product, please refer to the relevant product description.